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Guizhou University College of Agriculture

A long history

Guizhou University College of agriculture education has a long history, its predecessor was established in 1940, Guizhou A & M college. After the establishment of the national Guizhou science China, changed its name to Guizhou University, College of agriculture is one of the Guizhou University's college. In 1953 the national higher school adjustment, the establishment of Guizhou University was removed, according to the Central People's Government Administration Council, the adjustment is retained after the original Guizhou University agronomy Department formed the basis of Guizhou agricultural college. In 1997 August, the original Guizhou Agricultural College and Guizhou University, higher art school in Guizhou province and Guizhou province agriculture management cadre institute, four schools were merged to form the Guizhou University, College of agriculture is one of the 6 College. 2004 August merger of former Guizhou University and Guizhou Industrial University, based on former agricultural college of Guizhou University on the establishment of a new agricultural college of Guizhou University. The construction and development of the party and state leaders have been very concerned about the agricultural college, have repeatedly heard reports on the work of college and inspected the college.


College of the existing staff of 121 people, college teachers in 92 people (and). Including 34 professors, 36 associate professors, 51 with the doctorate, master's degree 30 people, has a doctorate in Teachers College (and) teachers proportion of 55.43%; with doctoral and master's degrees, Teachers College (and) teacher ratio 88.04%; there are 7 doctoral tutors, graduate students teacher 44 people; talents of national talents project one or two level 1, 5 people who enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, the provincial government special allowance of 3 people in Guizhou Province, the core of 1 experts, 6 are provincial experts, outstanding young scientific and technological personnel 8 people.

School size

The existing 1931 full-time students, including undergraduate 1664, master's 235 people, 32 people of doctoral student; existing part-time postgraduate master of agricultural extension 136.

Professional settings

College of Agronomy, Horticulture Department now has, Department of plant protection, agricultural resources and Environment Department of 4 lines.

With agriculture (founded in 1942), gardening (founded in 1964), plant protection (founded in 1958), cultivation and identification of Chinese herbs (founded in 2003), the quality and safety of agricultural products (founded in 2003), tea (approved 2012) tobacco (approved 2013), agricultural resources and environments 8 undergraduate majors. A land planning and utilization, soil and agricultural chemistry 2 undergraduate direction. Agronomy and horticulture is a provincial professional characteristics, plant protection specialty is the two national class professional characteristics and provincial demonstrative specialty.

Among them, the first tea professional in 1993 at the Guizhou Agricultural College in 2008 to recruit students of the professional college enrollment, in the direction of Agricultural College of Guizhou University, 2012 formally approved the establishment of undergraduate.

Agricultural resources and environments, the earliest in 1941 for agricultural chemistry majors, in 1962 changed its name to the soil and Agricultural Chemistry (referred to as the soil professional), 1997 Guizhou Agricultural College and Guizhou University after the merger, classified as agricultural college. In 1999 the national discipline adjustment, named agricultural resources and environments. In 2002, belong to the school of biological and environmental science, 2008 2004 was placed under the College of life science, re classified as agricultural college.

Discipline construction

College of the existing fruit science, crop genetics, agricultural entomology and pest control 3 provincial key disciplines, 3 provincial key laboratories (Guizhou Province Key Laboratory of mountain agricultural pests, comprehensive control of Chinese medicinal materials in Guizhou Province breeding and planting engineering laboratory, Guizhou Province tobacco quality research laboratory), 1 provincial engineering technology center (Guizhou Province Fruit Engineering Technology Research Center), 2 innovative talent team (Guizhou fruit science technology innovation talent team, Guizhou mountain agricultural pest management team innovation talents of science and Technology); 1 provincial talent base (Guizhou province characteristic agriculture industry talent base).

College of the existing biology postdoctoral 1 doctoral level disciplines, 1 plant protection, animal science, entomology and pest control, plant pathology, two doctoral disciplines 3; crop science, horticulture, plant protection, agricultural resources and the environment an interdisciplinary master's degree at 4; animal science, crop cultivation and farming, crop genetics and breeding, fruit science, soil science, plant nutrition, plant pathology, entomology and pest control, the quality and safety of agricultural products, two professional master programs 9.

The research organization

College of the existing crop cultivation and tillage, crop genetics and breeding, cultivation and identification of Chinese herbs, flowers, vegetables, fruit, tea, plant pathology, entomology, agricultural medicine, quality and safety of agricultural products, soil science, plant nutrition, land planning department 14.

Research institutions

The college has a wheat research center, Institute of corn, Rice Research Institute, Institute of Entomology, Karst Mountain Fruit Resources Research Institute, the tobacco science research center, Institute of oil crops, crop protection Research Institute of 8 scientific research institutions.

Scientific research and social services

"Eleven five" during the school undertakes the national science and technology support program, the national science and technology achievements transformation plan, the national Spark Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, key projects, international cooperation in science and Technology Department of Ministry of agriculture, the introduction of international advanced agricultural science and technology program ('948' plan), Ministry of education, Guizhou Province spring plan science and technology key project, Guizhou province the natural science foundation of Guizhou Province, international cooperation projects and other aspect of 431 research projects, research funding a total contract amount of 89631600 yuan, to the account the amount of 73859110 yuan. The longitudinal project 286, to account the amount of 51560400 yuan, the project 1

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